The High Reach Difference

HRPW was created by the team behind Jobmaster, Inc., a successful local family-owned commercial full-service cleaning company based in Central Florida for 30 years. We put the knowledge, experience, & infrastructure gained over the last three decades to use in forming this specialized pressure cleaning business.

HRPW, like Jobmaster, stands behind their work and produces results that rival & excel our competitors.

Along with the savings of time & money that come from not needing a rental lift, HRPW requires that every cleaning service is treated before washing, using Jobmaster’s custom 3 chemical pre-spray mixture.

  • Our custom pre-spray mixture ensures better results than our competitors who only wash with just water
  • Evidence has shown that areas treated with our pre-spray prior to washing remain clean 2-3 times longer (compared to similar areas not pre-treated & cleaned only with water by our competitors)
  • Our built-in boom lift and on-truck chemical & water dispensing systems ensure that ALL areas are pre-sprayed, not just the areas that are easy to reach, meaning consistent results for the whole building. Why pay good money for building cleaning to have stripes or missed areas?!