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If you walk on it, we clean it.

Advanced Coatings

Jobmaster staff have been putting down coatings for a combined 100 years. We work with water-based, petroleum-based, and solid-coatings (such as epoxy).

Whether you’d like to use our recommended products or bring your own, our crew will be happy to put it down for you. We can also handle any preparation the floor may require to ensure a quality result (sanding, grinding, cleaning, acid-washing, etc.).

Whether the scope of the work is just a residential garage or an entire facility, we are prepared and equipped.

Sick of pressure washing exterior areas? Ask us about sealing your exterior concrete to reduce the frequency of and ease of cleanings.

Want to protect from stains? Ask us about our extremely chemically-resistant epoxy options.

Want to make an old ugly floor look new and consistent without replacing it? Ask us about our decorative epoxy options.