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If you walk on it, we clean it.


We have recently migrated to Google Photos, for all our digital photo storage.

Below are some links to specific galleries:

  • Exterior building services:  includes photos of pressure washing, gum removal, sign cleaning, debugging, rust removal, trip hazard removal, etc)
  • Specialty services: includes photos of stone sign repair, sheen blending, rubber floors, stone-color loss repair, plastic floors, PVC stairs, aggregate vertical cleaning, “green” pressure washing, brick restoration, high-rise services, woven-floor cleaning, coating slip-resistance testing, confined spaces, grit-strip replacement, stair restoration, floor protectors, fixture detailing, opaque black finish, clean-room services, HVAC dusting, etc.
  • Marble floor restoration: using Norton© diamond pads & 3M© coatings
  • Pressure washing: includes photos of “green” cleaning, rust removal, debugging, window cleaning, high-reach, exterior building sealing, patio cleaning & re-staining, & sign cleaning
  • Decorative Concrete: includes photos of stained concrete, dyed concrete, and re-staining damaged concrete to match existing staining
  • Steaming: Kitchens & warehouses
  • Carpet Cleaning:  includes photos of extraction, spot removal, spot dyeing, floods (water restoration), repairs, etc.