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Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is a growing solution to a common problem: dirty grout.

When dealing with tile floors, it is usually the grout that is the biggest obstacle to a clean result.  This is due to the porous nature of the grout and location, being cement-based and the lowest point of the floor. Grout lines are the “floor gutters” that everything eventually runs to, especially if the floor is repeatedly mopped without some form of removal (wet-vacuuming, for example).

Though we have processes to clean grout, and some are extremely effective, not all grout problems can be solved by cleaning. And, depending on the floor, re-grouting can be almost as costly as replacing the floor.

In anticipation to the future grout maintenance issues a floor might present, epoxy grout is the solution for new installs. This non-cement based grout is made of 100% solid chemically-resistant tinted epoxy. It will not stain or discolor, and can be easily cleaned, for the life of the floor. Though expensive initially, it can pay for itself many times over in saved maintenance costs.

There is a down side, though. Installing epoxy grout is very difficult. It must be done in small sections, due to the drying time, and must be properly cleaned immediately to prevent a haze from occuring. Unfortunately, this is much more difficult than it sounds and many epoxy grout installations suffer from this failure. For this reason, Jobmaster has developed a system using specialty chemicals to effectively remove the epoxy haze.

It is not an easy process. The chemicals used are specially ordered, quites strong, and must be used carefully to not also remove the grout at the same time as the haze.
If you, or someone you know, has an issue with epoxy grout haze, have them call Jobmaster today for a quote!