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If you walk on it, we clean it.


Porcelain tile is a special type of ceramic, designed to have low resilience and permeability.
What does this mean for floors?

It means that this is hard, strong floor that isn’t really porous while not being very sensitive to chemicals. These factors mean that cleaning porcelain is easier and more effective than on many other surfaces, even regular ceramic tile.

When a floor can handle an acidic or alkaline chemical exposure, can handle heavy wear with minimal damage, doesn’t break easily, and will repel liquids, you have a floor that is easier to clean, needs to be cleaned less often, has a longer replacement life-span, and won’t stain easily. These are all good characteristics for a floor, and a reason why porcelain is a worthwhile choice over regular ceramic even with the added expense.

Porcelain tiles must meet standards of an absorbtion rate of less than 0.5% (meaning it repels 99.5% of the liquid).

If you are thinking of a future tiling project, consider porcelain. If you already have some, call Jobmaster today for an easy and remarkable cleaning.