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If you walk on it, we clean it.

High Reach Cleaning

Jobmaster specializes in high-reach cleaning, including walls, sound board, rafters, duct-work, lights, and more.

Before & After A/C  Duct Cleaning


tube cleaning stage 1tube cleanig stage 2

Using brand-name ProTeam© backpack vacuums with HEPA-filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) with various attachments, we get the dust and other settling soil out of your building.

A/C Tubing before & after


Where lifts aren’t possible or economical extension poles allow to reach heights that defy belief. A/C Return cleaning with extension polesSanctuary Rafter Cleaning




















High-reach dustingThe results can be quite dramatic, especially for areas that aren’t interacted with frequently.

For extremely difficult to reach areas, other options are available, such as compressed air.


















Vacuum bag after high-reach cleaningA/C Return CleaningFrom an office to an arena, we’ve got you covered.