Trip Hazard Removal & Other Services

Please contact us today to get a free quote for removing your trip hazards in or near Central Florida!


When we perform a Trip Hazard Removal Service for commercial locations and homeowner associations, that service includes:

  • free on-site visit with hazard marking
  • emailed PDF quote
  • technicians are provided aerial map of trip hazard location for easy locating
  • documenting trip hazard with photo prior to service
  • grinding of trip hazard to within acceptable height requirements for ADA-compliant standards
  • documenting removed trip hazard with photo after service
  • removing excess dust with powered blower
  • emailed PDF report, including before & after photos

Bulk pricing is available and recommended.

We also offer minor concrete & asphalt repair services, paint marking services, and other safety-related services. If you have a problem, we can probably fix it. Call today for free advice.

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